100% Wool 280 gms

Double twisted collection takes its inspiration from the past.
Nowadays too many fabric do not respect the traditional values of 2 ply warp and wef yarns. By high twisting two single yarns together in both warp and weft you get Double the benefits all tailors the world over will appreciate
Double twisted gives a controlled and balanced experience enabling natural crease shedding, keeping up with the pressures of daily life.
This modern day collection fuses tradition with modern finishing techniques to give the perfect all round fabric.

9201 Sky Blue
9202 Mist Blue
9203 Denim
9204 Royal Blue
9205 Lt. Navy
9206 Navy
9207 Midnight
9208 Dk.Navy
9209 Black
9211 Lt. Grey
9212 Mid. Grey
9210 Snow Grey
9213 Charcoal
9214 Lvory
9215 Cream
9216 Linen
9217 Biege
9218 Taupe
9219 Sand
9220 Tobacco
9221 Coffee
9222 Brown
9223 Green
9224 Dk. Olive
9225 Burgundy
Huddersfield   C&J Antich


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